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Prof. Joshi Hrushikesh Anantrao

Prof. Joshi Hrushikesh Anantrao

Head of Department

The Department Pharmaceutics is one of the core departments among four and was established with the establishment of College of Pharmacy. It supports the academic and research requirements for students studying for B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy course of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. The department includes four Pharmaceutics Laboratories, two for undergraduate course (B.Pharmacy) and two for postgraduate course (M. Pharmacy- Pharmaceutics). Each laboratory includes preparation room, staff cubical and space according to the norms. A separate Machine Shop is developed, where students can seek pharmaceutical industry based knowledge. The machine shop is in connection with central instrumentation laboratory equipped with sophisticated instruments like High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Ultraviolet Spectrophotometers, Brookfield viscometer, high precision electronic balances etc. The department of pharmaceutics possess following instruments -

1. Dissolution Test Apparatus Programmable system, Disintegration Test Apparatus TD-205, Tablet Hardness Tester Automatic, Friabilator Digital with Double Drum (Campbell Make).

2. Spray Drier (J -SIL Make).

3. Photo stability Chamber, Hot Air Oven-Vaccum (Newtronic Make).

4. KBr Press- M 15 (Die 9and11 mm) (Techno Search).

5. Tablet Compression Machine- Mini press 1- 10- Station (Karnavati Make).

6. Stability Chamber (Thermolab Make).

7. Transdermal Dissolution Apparatus,Diffusion Cell Apparatus-EDC02(Electrolab).

8. UV-Spectrophotometer- Double Beam, Single and Double Distillation Unit- 5 Liter Capacity Microcentrifuge programmable machins, Micropipettes (Bio-Era).

9. Rotary Mixer and Test Tube Rotator, Vacuum Pump-Rockare 300 and 400, Desiccators Cabinet (Torson).

10. Electronic Analytical Balances (Afcoset).

11. Screw Gauge and Vernier Caliper Digital (Mititoyo).

12. (Newtronic Make).

13. pH Meter Pocket (Hanna).

14. Refrigerator (Whorlphool).

The students are working in the four walls of laboratory pursue the basic knowledge about pharmaceutical dosage forms and preformulation aspects during first and second year of graduate level and formulations, development evaluation of dosage forms like tablet, capsule, ointment and parenterals etc at third and final year of graduate level. At postgraduate level, the research objective is focused on formulation and development of various types of advanced drug delivery systems like microencapsulation, floating drug delivery systems, hydrogel and hydrogel based drug delivery systems and their evaluation. The Dept includes 7 teaching, 2 nonteaching (Laboratory technician) faculty members and 2 Laboratory attendants. Among 7 teaching faculty members whom two are Doctorate and other members pursuing doctorate degree.

Salient Features Of Department :

  • The Department has spacious working place. Each laboratory of department is well equipped instruments and facilitated with chemicals, glassware’s, equipments and labwares.
  • Practicals and/or assignments are carried out according to the academic schedule and enough time is available with student to peruse the knowledge.
  • Adequate Faculty members are available
  • Student can access the library facilities during the practical session.